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Special Teleseminar

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You will learn:

How to protect your business from lawsuits - arm yourself with information to protect your investment due to lack of knowledge.

How to get an army of people to promote your products and services - help others and increase your profitability.

How to get and keep customers - repeat customers is the key to getting more customers.

How to maximize your client database - keep your name in your customers faces and minds.

How to develop a web presence - learn how to use the #1 tool that has produced millionaires.

How to customize the business (sales) transaction - make the customer want your products/services, not need your products/services.

How to locate financial support to help run your business - know where to look for public and private funding.

How to influence people and win negotiations - learn conflict resolution skills necessary to run a successful business.

How to determine the break point and selling price for your products and services - prevent unnecessary losses from pricing errors.

plus much more...